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If you buy a player for jogging, you can search for models with a pedometer and heart rate monitor (yes, they also happen). And if you need a simple player and you are absolutely unpretentious to the sound – then you can choose an inexpensive device, perhaps even without a screen – in such cases, the battery holds much longer.

Sony NW-WS413

In the catalog of digital players Sony there are also more advanced models intended for playing sports. In particular, with the possibility of their interfacing with smartphones via Bluetooth. The function is certainly useful, but just do not have these devices such a popular “street” athletes chips, like the “Surround Sound” mode.

sony NW

And the NW-WS413 it is and allows you to completely control the external environment, for example, riding a bike and listening to your favorite music. Especially convenient in it is that the audibility of the environment is regulated.

In addition, a new line of mp3 players Sony received a higher class of protection – now they are not afraid of even salt water. If the previous generation of Japanese MP3-players was designed for swimming in the pools, the 400th series allows already and getting into the sea waves. The autonomy of the player also increased – the maximum playback time is now about 12 hours.

The main advantages:

  • Customizable “Surround” mode.
  • Protection class IP68.
  • High volume and decent sound quality.


  • There is no support for uncompressed formats;
  • No Bluetooth interface.

teXet T-24

Compact and almost weightless MP3-player for athletes is characterized by a peculiar design and “neon” illumination of the navigation unit. The backlight does nottexet turn off, moreover – it also flashes in time with the music, which can sometimes irritate.

On the other hand, the player was designed specifically for the needs of the younger generation, leading an active lifestyle, which is no stranger to bright colors and moderate extravagance.

There is no memory card slot, but the device has a large amount of built-in storage for digital content. In this category of devices, the high quality of sound in importance is far from in the first place, since it is not easy to appreciate the nuances of any composition with intensive movements, but the volume and convenience of controlling the device blindly at the height.

There are even seven equalizer profiles that allow you to select the optimal frequency response for common music genres, and a mode for playing tracks in random order.

The main advantages:

  • Powerful clip for attaching to clothing.
  • Bright ergonomic design.
  • A large amount of internal memory.


  • Non-switchable backlight.
  • Best inexpensive mp3 player.

Ritmix RF-4450 4Gb

Ritmix RF-4450The budget group of MP3 players is represented on the market by several similar devices built on the same hardware platform. All of them are only slightly different in design and quality of materials. On the general background, the Ritmix RF-4450 model stands out from the Soft Touch plastic body, pleasant to the touch. In terms of capabilities, it is a whole media combine capable of playing music in MP3, FLAC and APE formats, displaying graphics files on screen and even showing video.

Of course, given the modest diagonal and matrix type TFT, this functionality is more nominal. But the presence of a dictaphone and built-in radio pleases. The output power of the player is rather modest and is best combined with 16-ohm headphones. Counting on super-sounding, in this case, would be naive – the high frequencies here are clearly simplified, and the bass is not enough.

The main advantages:

  • Ergonomic housing.
  • Support for lossless formats.


  • Uncomfortable menu.
  • Low autonomy.


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