3 Best Studio Monitors for Home Recording


The best studio monitorsMore than any other recording studio equipment. Studio monitors are considered the most important device for achieving excellent sound.

It is for this reason that the best studios sometimes spend more than $ 10,000 to buy the very best.

And this may seem unreal for home studios. Fortunately, you do not need to spend so much to buy a pair of good monitors.

To prove this, I compiled a list

Top 3 studio monitors for home recording

Selection criteria

When I compiled the list, I decided to single out 3 main directions to provide the largest choice:

The limit of $ 2000 – in my opinion, this is the maximum amount that can be spent on semi-professional monitors in a home studio.
One brand – one model – for a variety of options I limited myself to one top model of each brand.

Reputation is a key concept – as we all know, “sound quality” is subjective. That one ear is good, then another bleeding. And since from each description of the product an ultra-flat frequency response with deep bass, clear middle frequencies and pronounced highs is climbing … the only honest way to evaluate this is to become a reputation.

More than any other factor, the hit on the monitors in this list was influenced by a long-standing excellent reputation.

Yamaha HS8


Based on the original Yamaha NS-10 from the 70’s

Yamaha HS8 offer a combination of classic sound and modern technology.

These monitors, easily recognizable by their characteristic white cone-shaped woofers, have long established their cult status.

Among their notable features:

A unique fastening system that minimizes vibration and improves quality.
Very large magnets for a smoother response over a wide frequency range
This is part of the popular in the middle price segment of the HS series, that’s related

Versions of these monitors:

  • the HS5
  • the HS7
  • the HS8S – (large 150W)

For monitors that are considered professional, the Yamaha HS8 is incredibly cheap.

Mackie HR824 mkII

mackie-HR824 mkII

A well-known manufacturer of mixing consoles. Mackie is just as good and when it comes to studio monitors. And Mackie HR824 mkII is one of their most popular models.

Among its unique features is the setting up of acoustic control of space.

Offers 3 options for optimal sound depending on the size of your room.

KRK Rokit 5 G3

When you look at the Internet photos of other home studios.

One of the first things you notice is the monitors.

And very often these recognizable yellow dots KRK Rokit 5 G3 – this is just what you see.

Because in the “initial” segment of the price there are no monitors more popular than these.

  • with a lot of reviews
  • more recommended

While most monitors in this price category receive more complaints than praise.

You can read reviews about KRK for days, not finding a single bad word about them. Therefore, for entry-level studios this is an obvious choice, the only one that I recommend.

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