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Meizu EP51

Of course, in the hall music goes into the background, and after training, it is difficult to remember which tracks played. But it’s difficult to forget the unpleasant situations associated with the soundtrack of your fitness: uncomfortable headphones that fly out of your ears, clinging to the shells of wire, screeching high frequencies and useless basses.

We present to you the top 5 models with which this will not happen again:

Power Beats2 Wireless by Beats

Power Beats2 Wireless by Beats

The famous company, which specializes in acoustics, introduced its wireless headphones last year, the model is in demand to this day. The headset has a microphone and a remote control for controlling volume/music and calls, headphones are connected by almost half a meter cable that can be put under the T-shirt from the back.

In the kit – plastic lugs for reliable fixation in the sink, however, users complain about the fact that bare plastic sometimes rubs. The whole structure is securely protected from moisture and sweat, but you can not swim and take a shower in it. The battery life is about 6 hours.

Pros: good sound, traditionally for the Beats – deep bass.
Cons: high cost.

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods

Last year, Apple set a new trend for a wireless headset, completely getting rid of the wires. Traditional EarPods were almost the ideal solution for running: they reliably sit in their ears, transmit clear sound and decent bass, although they do not reach the needs of audiophiles. But the main advantage of this headset for athletes is the form factor “liner”: they miss external sounds, which guarantees safety (especially for those who like to run around the city).

The wireless version of AirPods has retained all the advantages of the parent, has acquired a large battery and Bluetooth, so the creation of the Cupertino players can be safely recommended to fitness lovers.

Pros: safety, protection from moisture (rain, sweat, splashes), reliability, autonomy, comfort, lack of wires.
Cons: one size, risk of losing one earphone, high price.

OCX 686 from Sennheiser

OCX 686 from Sennheiser

Connoisseurs of hi-fi are very familiar with this German manufacturer. The company for many years has been creating high-quality headphones of various formats, and recently they together with Adidas have developed a whole series of fitness garnish Sennheiser Sport.

The OCX 686 model differs from its cheaper green colleagues in two versions: i at the end for iOS users, and G for “androids”. “Gags” have acquired a behind-the-ear attachment, the grip of this bow is sure and comfortable, the earpiece can only fly off the head of the boxer (if in the ring there was a fan of fights under the audiobooks).

In the complete set, you will find the careful attitude to music, basses and upper frequencies, the headset transmits a clear sound, the flat wire is not confused, and the whole design is protected from sweat and accidental splashes.

Pros: very, very high-quality sound, comfortable fastening.
Cons: still high.

Meizu EP51

Meizu EP51

The budget wireless headset of the famous Chinese manufacturer, a universal option for fans to save on gadgets. Headphones from the sky do not suffice in terms of the range of reproduced frequencies, but they are acceptable. Meizu not so long ago appeared on the market, so they still monitor the quality, which means that the speakers will not break, the wire will not break, the risk of getting one “dead ear” is minimal.

Comfortable fastening inside the auricle is suitable for most athletes, outside the EP51 look interesting, especially compared to their classmates. The length of the wire is optimal for comfortable wearing, the microphone is sensitive, the charge in the active mode is enough for 5-7 hours of talk, even longer they will live on listening to music. There is active noise reduction.

Pros: magnets (can be folded around your neck and not lost), fashionable design, noise reduction, auto gain, decent sound quality.
Cons: the interlocutor hears everything, including extraneous noises, a short range (the phone must be in your pocket), too tight buttons on the remote.

ActionFit SHQ7300 from PHILIPS

ActionFit SHQ7300 от PHILIPS

The top model in the ActionFit line is more expensive than the previous Meizu, so the SHQ7300 boasts technological gains. For example, the chip NFC, thanks to which the “ears” can be quickly connected to any gadget in one touch. Another chip is the chips next to each speaker, which adjust the noise reduction and adjust the equalizer for any situation and under each track, as a result, the music sounds better and cleaner.

Fixators and ear pads in a set of different sizes, suitable for children and happy owners of large ear shells. Protection from sweat and water in place, you can take a shower, but better not. The sounds of the surrounding world are audible, but exactly at such a level, so that you can safely run around the city, and the rumbling of the simulator will not irritate.

Pros: reliable fixation in the ear, light, wireless, there are NFC, loud, safe, a large range of reproduced frequencies, auto-equalizer.
Cons: 5.5 hours of work, do not be friends with Siri.

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